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My name is Marc Andrew (Andy) Newton, I am a local photographer based in littleborough, Greater Manchester.

My services include:

I currently photograph buildings, Musical Gigs & Rehearsals and have been invited to take photos of stages of consturction.
Most work has been in the music industry.

Photo Restoration
I can scan and restore old damaged photographs even negative film strips using a very high DPI scanner for maximum quality!

Photo Prints & CD Prints
My printing offers sizes upto Super A3 on full gloss photo paper using Synthetic Pigment Ink instead of Natural Dye Ink, All prints are also full gloss coated, Black & White Photos wont start fadeing untill anywhere upto 200 Years down the line.
Printed & Framed:
From A5 £10+ to A3 £20+

I can also offer small batch CD printing, Ideal for Wedding Videos, Music CD Demos or anything you can think of.
I can offer a CD burning service too if you want me to write files to the printed CD's for you.

See Graphic Design, if you want a CD Face design or Album cover design for your music.

Website Design & Development
Small - Medium Websites
From the basics to a store shopping front, From the look down to the code. I handle all stages of development.
HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & Search Engine Friendly.
Because I handle all aspects I can produce a higly functionable clean and easy to navigate website.

I write my own scripts coded to clients desired function, I do my best to anticipate future changes and needs so my database designs and code construct allows fluid modifications so they are quick and inexpensive.

Graphic Design
Company Logos, Lables for products, Website Adverts, Posters, CD Albums or things to be printed on shirts and stuff for your favourite print press firm... anything you can think of I probably can do, Just ask.

I offer photography so there is a large range of ideas available for almost everything, A lot of work I have done is scenic shoots for musisians for websites, printed pictures, CD Demos & Retail Releases as well as just general art for music.

Let's not forget business cards!
Card Design from £30;
100 printed cards £10 to £15 double sided.

PRINTING! None Photographic bulk printing!
I can take my designs to the press if you want 100's/1000's of leaflets, cover prints or posters.

A bit about me:
It was never my intention to be a photographer at first, Infact my main ability is Website Development.
Originaly I had landed my hands on a camera just to create graphics of a digital nature, just to take reference pictures or use images in a graphic design.
The whole thing cought on eventually when I started takeing photos of family and friends and editing them, from this photo restoration was born too when I had a go at converting old family photos to digital and repairing them. I carried arounda profile of my work wherever I went and gained some interest and was invited to take pictures of musicians rehearsing, when I came back with prints I got excellent feedback and more invites so I have continued to what I been told I am good at.

Photo Shoots
    Big Shot Swing Orchestra
    For more photographs check out my photo shoots on their website:     Big Shot Gallery: The Voltalab Recording Studio

Contact: andy @ - 01706 247 487 : Littleborough, Smallbridge, Wardle, Rochdale (part of Greater Manchester)


Black or Light Gray - Single Bevel wood frame.

Sizes: (inches)
3.5" x 3.5"
4" x 6"
5" x 7"
6" x 8"
7" x 9"
8" x 10"
8.25" x 11.75"
10" x 12"
11" x 14"
12" x 16"


Dark Brown wood frame with inside edge crossed corner silver brushed metal strips.

Sizes: (inches)
8" x 10"


Double bevel wood frame, Thick Light Brown outer bevel with a small silver foil coated inner bevel.

Sizes: (inches)
8" x 10"


Light Brown triple bevel wooden frame.

Sizes: (inches)
8.25" x 11.75"